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Letter: A plea for Collins to act against weapons of war

A plea for Collins to act against weapons of war

Our country is once again stunned and in sorrow over the senseless killing of students and teachers by a deranged young man in possession of an assault rifle, at a school in Parkland, Fla.

The time for waiting is over. I fear that if no legislative action is taken, the children in our nations schools, including my seven grandchildren, will continue to be at risk of losing their lives at the hands of a madman with a deadly weapon.

Mr. Collins, as my district’s voice in Congress, I demand that you become a champion for protecting the lives of our children and grandchildren in our schools. You must succeed in sponsoring legislation to finally outlaw the sale and possession of assault weapons in this country.

These weapons, like the AR-15 assault rifle used by Nikolas Cruz in his murderous rampage, are designed for the sole purpose of mass killing of human beings. These weapons of war do not have a legitimate purpose in the public domain.

So Mr. Collins, I implore you to be our champion for the cause of protecting our children, and all Americans for that matter, from any further horrific loss of life in our schools, churches, and public gathering places.

Sponsor legislation, and demand Congressional action to permanently remove assault weapons from our society. And if you are not up to the challenge of saving our children, I assure you that I, and my concerned neighbors of the 27th Congressional district, will vote for someone to replace you in November who will work to make our society safe.

Mark Diegelman


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