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Letter: Watson shouldn’t assail residents of Parkside

Watson shouldn’t assail residents of Parkside

Regarding Rod Watson’s recent column: Traffic is bad all over the city because Buffalo is undergoing a revitalization. There are a lot more people in Buffalo because there is a lot more to do in Buffalo.

I really resent Watson, a suburbanite, trying to pit our neighborhoods against each other. We in Parkside have spent decades advocating for slower traffic and safer road designs. We have a long history of calling 311, circulating petitions, writing position papers through our community association and community partners, and participating in public meetings.

We shouldn’t be looked at as the city’s favorites because our advocacy yielded some results. This simplistic blaming of all the city’s woes on one poorly and incompletely undertaken project by the New York State Department of Transportation is going to just get us more of the status quo. Shame on Watson for this half-baked anti-progress article.

Dan Cadzow


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