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Letter: How many have to die before politicians act?

How many have to die before politicians act?

Once again, innocent people are gunned down in another act of senseless violence and once again, we hear “now is not the time” for debate. Well, when is the time?

Unless you are actively serving in the military, who could possibly need an AR-15? Certainly one doesn’t go hunting with one, unless you’re hunting humans.

The National Rifle Association’s slogan is “the only defense against a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” But for safety’s sake, firearms should be kept unloaded and in a locked cabinet. Still youngsters pick up loaded guns left within reach and accidentally harm someone else, often another child.

When will our legislators decide to stand up to the NRA and gun lobby and ban assault rifles and tighten the laws of legal gun ownership? With the midterm elections coming up, now probably is not the time, with the gun lobby helping to fill campaign coffers. So when? And how many additional lives will be lost?

Cynthia Bean

West Seneca

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