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Letter: Democrats are determined to derail Trump’s presidency

Democrats are determined to derail Trump’s presidency

Evidence mounts to establish the connivance, collusion and cooperation among the news media, the Justice Department, the State Department, the Clinton campaign and the Obama administration to prevent the election of President Trump and, failing that, to disrupt and ultimately derail his first term in office because of the conviction that Trump, as a benighted “outsider,” would, as president, wreak havoc on our governmental institutions and destroy our Constitution.

Those fears were well-founded as the havoc and destruction Trump has wrought has been directed at fake news and the multifaceted collusion that became evident when it arose from the depths of the governmental swamp in opposition to him.

Truth became an enemy to Trump’s opponents and, as we slowly unwind the untruths that have held center stage for so long, we can see the emerging picture of malfeasance that has so infected our press and governmental institutions.

Who to blame? What is the common thread binding the malefactors of this tale of treasonous corruption? The answer is the Democratic Party, which placed its survival ahead of the survival of our nation.

Once again the wisdom of our Constitution is demonstrated. Let us act under its provisions to clean house and restore justice, with her blindfold intact, to prominence.

John Joyce


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