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Letter: Creating gun-free zones will not deter criminals

Creating gun-free zones will not deter criminals

Tragically, another slaughter of unarmed humans tops the news. Tragically, education administrators continue to preach “children and their parents should remain confident that schools provide a safe environment while remaining gun-free zones.”

Anti-gun politics can be a deadly game for all those attending our schools. Why is it so hard to understand that a gun-free zone is a soft target? How many more defenseless Americans and their children must be assassinated before the core problem is correctly labeled, leading to a solution?

Fact: I have three co-workers (avid gun enthusiasts) who, combined, legally own over three dozen guns. They have never threatened another human. Yet law after law does not address the causes, only contempt for our Constitution. These causes have no regard for human life and we must be prepared to accordingly defend against them. Continuing to lay blame on something or someone else only assures smaller families.

And now to further the idiocy, we have the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School’s teenage student body scolding the U.S. Congress for inaction on guns. Who teaches this stuff?

Fact: To date, not one dead terrorist has yet to fire a shot.

Fact: I will always be suspicious of anyone conspiring or supporting infringement of my right to self-preservation. That is a right I reserve for my God.

Fact: Running and hiding only buys time. It never stops gunfire.

Joseph Coia

West Seneca

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