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Letter: Using bonds to fund the repair of infrastructure is a good idea

Using bonds to fund the repair of infrastructure is a good idea

President Trump’s budget proposal of $200 billion over a 10-year period for infrastructure improvements in the United States is woefully inadequate. If one includes the speculation that $1.5 trillion would be somehow added to the coffers through state, local and private funds, the money needed to be raised would approach what may be required. However, speculation doesn’t guarantee that the funds will likely be raised.

A recent letter writer suggested an excellent idea to raise the vital funds to improve the country’s aging and vast infrastructure. This is new knowledge formulated from an old, proven method – a bond sale to the public. As the writer stated, the sale and purchase of war bonds was highly successful in paying for the cost of World War II. Additionally, the program stimulated many positive side effects both for the individual and the nation.

This is an idea that certainly deserves investigation by our astute politicians and it virtually assures a much more positive way of confirming a costly repair, updating and maintenance of our roads, bridges, water and power systems, communication systems and physical structures.

Lebert J. Puma


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