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Letter: NRA no longer represents views of many gun owners

NRA no longer represents views of many gun owners

I am a hunter and gun owner. I was a member of the National Rifle Association for over 50 years but last year I resigned. I felt that the NRA no longer represented hunters and gun owners.

The current leaders of the NRA are reactionary and will not acknowledge that the Second Amendment right to bear arms has some limitations. I would point out that rights come with responsibilities.

I contend that the current leaders of the NRA and their Republican cohorts interpret the Second Amendment to mean anyone can own any weapon without restrictions.

An AR-15 is not a hunting weapon. AR-15s and the like are intended to kill people. I believe their use should be restricted to the military and trained law enforcement professionals.

The massacres must end. The NRA, our president and our elected officials all bear responsibility. Stop being so intransigent. Listen to the majority of Americans and immediately pass the laws necessary to end the needless death and suffering!

Kent Clulow

Orchard Park

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