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Letter: It would be great to celebrate 24 hours of telling the truth

It would be great to celebrate 24 hours of telling the truth

St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, D-Day, Presidents Day, Earth Day – here in the U.S., we assign a day to deeply significant historical, religious or notable events in the life and times of our nation. Wonderful! However, many other celebratory days focus on some inane activity that no one gives a hoot about.

Here’s an idea. Let’s celebrate Truth Day. On this one, remarkable day, every elected official would be expected to tell the truth! Now, that indeed would be a day to rejoice and celebrate. Since only a 24-hour period is involved, it should not be too stressful – painful may be the more appropriate word – for the political elite to accept. Every citizen might be tempted to follow the lead of the political class.

Come to think of it, such a commemorative day, if not plausible, would be exceptionally novel, perhaps to the point of becoming addictive. What if the United Nations and the rest of humanity incorporated a similar notion into their calendars?

To be clear, I have never used drugs or smoked weed and as of the date of this writing, my mind is functioning well – an assertion that I understand most readers reasonably would question. In any event, I trust that my point is obvious.

Nicholas D. Mecca


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