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Starters: An international crossroads at Street Cafe

Recently reopened after minor renovations, Street Café is back to work selling an advertised assortment of “International & Mediterranean food” that truly delivers on the parameters of the definition.

From Bangladeshi favorites to rib-sticking soul food, the menu at Street Café is a crossroads of flavors where East meets West at a price that’s easy on your wallet.

Though I’m told the interior has been “refreshed," Street Café is certainly a spot for the cuisine, not the atmosphere.

Comfortable seating is available while you wait for your order to appear at the counter, but I got the impression that it’s mostly a to-go operation via Grubhub, Skip the Dishes, or over the phone for pick-up.

A two-piece fried chicken order served with their signature white sauce. Crisp, juicy and golden brown, this well-executed American classic is worthy of a menu spot among the expanse of international offerings. (Phil Wagner/Special to The News)

I wanted to focus mainly on the Mediterranean food at Street Café. It’s a relatively more interesting option considering the availability in Buffalo. However, if you’ve ever hunted for fried chicken in the Queen City, you’ll quickly realize it’s an equally elusive item.

Street Café is frying up a great bird with a hard, golden-brown crunch along with a signature white sauce that’s a great match for the greasy dish. At $5, the two-piece combo is worthy of a menu spot and a slot in your order if you’re jonesing for non-chain fried chicken.

The falafel balls were packed too tightly, leaving them dry. They were best used as a vehicle for the white sauce. (Phil Wagner/Special to The News)

Speaking of the signature white sauce, the falafel ($4.99) was disappointingly best used as a vehicle for the yogurt-based nectar as well as the side of hummus. Packed too tightly to fluff up as good falafel should, these dense disks were dry and heavy.

Nonetheless, the house-recipe white sauce was an addictive accompaniment that’s paired with nearly every item on the menu. A creamy, cool and intensely spicy yogurt sauce imbued with notes of garlic and dill, it paired well with everything Street Café dished out.

The chicken tikka and chana masala tacos (featured image) at $2.99 each were both hits. The Mexican-Indian mashup works particularly well in the chicken tikka (essentially boneless tandoori chicken) as the spiced meat and white sauce are effortlessly swapped for more traditional Mexican ingredients.

The chana masala (chickpea) taco is great vegetarian option that’s packed with Indian flavor, though a little more challenging to eat in a delicate corn tortilla.

Spiced lamb packed tightly into a warm and squishy flatbread doused in their tangy yogurt-based white sauce. (Phil Wagner/Special to The News)

My favorite item of the meal, the lamb wrap ($7.99) was packed with tender seasoned meat that had been coated, not shockingly, in Street Café’s white sauce. The soft flatbread bites and chews like naan and serves well to soak in the smoke and spice of the grilled lamb.

Though it’s not much to look at, the value at Street Café lies in the product. Serving fast and flavorful Mediterranean mashups with some classic Americana in between, it’s a great addition to the city’s ethnic food scene that’s just a click away from your doorstep.

INFO: Street Cafe, 2614 Main St. Phone: 205-7142. Hours: 11 a.m. to 8 p.m daily.

A new sign adorns the recently refreshed Street Cafe on Main Street. (Phil Wagner/Special to The News)

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