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No, Virginia, there isn't a Super Bowl

No matter where you travel, you're likely to find someone with a Buffalo connection.

But amid the reminiscing, a certain unpleasantry usually comes up.

Buffalo architect Clinton Brown was attending church in Washington, D.C., on a recent Sunday when he met Ralph Northam, the governor of Virginia.

Brown introduced himself as from Buffalo, and a graduate of the University of Virginia. The governor said he grew up visiting family who lived in Orchard Park, where he learned to ski "badly" and learned firsthand what “lake effect is.”

It turns out the governor lives near former Buffalo Bills great Bruce Smith in Virginia Beach.

“Wouldn’t it have been great for the Bills to have won a Super Bowl,” the governor lamented, according to Brown.

Sure, guv, but can we just be happy the Bills got into the playoffs last season?

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