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Letter: Plans for Elmwood site will harm neighborhood

Plans for Elmwood site will harm neighborhood

The era of ignoring sociopathic selfishness has come to a close as the very framework of American politics is toppling, and Buffalo’s City Hall is not exempt.

Americans are steadily waking to the ravages this unbridled gluttonous sector has left in its wake, as our communities are being refashioned by politicians and developers rather than city planners. Communities grow and stay healthy when viewed as a living ecosystem; they suffer when viewed as property or “assets.”

With all the stresses of survival in this historic but polluted city, the health care industry thrives. Now the focus of the newly erected Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus is in the scope of developers, aiming to profit from prospective employees.

Developers plan to build hundreds of condominiums – Niagara “Elmwood Crossing” – in a village that is ill–equipped to handle them. This will result in flooding the village with thousands of people and traffic at the neighborhood’s expense.

Elmwood Village is historically intact with two-lane streets, charming architecture but little, if any, defense system in place. Why are 30 storefronts empty? Because developers are stockpiling property and raising rents so that local businesses cannot thrive.

This tactical move by developers and politicians, eager to Manhattanize and thus destroy the village’s character and integrity, is ultimately for personal profit at the community’s expense.

Why not make this former hospital site a satellite college or Albright-Knox location, bringing commerce without high-cost housing, traffic flow issues or the pace and stress of overdensification?

Lory Pollina


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