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Letter: Plan to arm teachers is fraught with danger

Plan to arm teachers is fraught with danger

The proposal by President Trump and some other officials to have teachers carry concealed firearms is a recipe for disaster. Teachers would become targets. Stricter gun control legislation could be a moot point, since disturbed people wouldn’t need to purchase a weapon; they could just plan to obtain one from the teacher. How would first responders be able to tell who’s the active shooter and who’s the defender if they arrive in the midst of a gunfight?

Since we’re discussing teachers returning active fire in schools against potentially their own students, it seems like an unhealthy emotional relationship to foster.

These armed teachers would have to be trained not just in the mechanics of operating a weapon, but in the clarity of judgment and desensitization to dealing out injury and death, which is necessary for police officers who must make life-and-death decisions. Even trained professional officers make mistakes.

Who will be responsible for the students killed or wounded by “friendly fire?” How would these armed teachers be recruited? What mechanism would be in place to ensure that we’re not creating more shooters and placing them amongst our kids?

On a more mundane note, it seems a poor way to spend our tax dollars, whether the funds come from the federal government, the state or the school district. Presumably the weapons, ammo, training and combat pay incremental wages/stipend would be expenses borne by some authorizing body, not the teachers themselves.

There should also be concern about whether the weapons will be stored on school property or carried to and from school every day by the teachers.

Any of these options bring more weapons into our community and provide more opportunities for misuse. No way. Not here. Not anywhere. Please.

Mary Ann Bald


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