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Letter: Trump knows nothing about heroic behavior

Trump knows nothing about heroic behavior

About the time Donald Trump was exploring the best way to avoid the draft, I was a 23-year-old infantry platoon leader serving in Vietnam. Engaging the enemy occurred often, and I observed my platoon soldiers acting heroically. Four of them received Silver Star medals, the nation’s third highest award for valor. I also received a Silver Star and two Purple Hearts.

I submitted after-action reports to my chain of command citing the circumstances of their heroism. These brave soldiers had a common thread; no one planned in advance to be a hero, they acted instinctively and I am confident that living Medal of Honor recipients would also say they acted the same way.

Combat vets know that heroism is unpredictable, and Trump stating that he would have entered the Florida school with or without a weapon is one of his wildest fabrications. He turns whatever happens to make it about himself, but his ego has made him look more foolish than usual. Our country has never been less great on his watch. Can’t wait for the midterms.

Richard Kelley

East Amherst

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