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Letter: NRA has too much sway with Congress members

NRA has too much sway with Congress members

I think Congress people are confused about who they represent.

In spite of the millions that lobby groups such as the National Rifle Association pour into members’ election campaigns, these groups are not constituents and their agendas do not necessarily represent constituents’ concerns. Lobby groups focus on specific action their clients want, regardless of harm rendered.

Perhaps lobbying is a necessary evil in government, but Congress people should show a little more integrity and grit when it comes to legislating.

Why is the NRA’s guns-for-all agenda more important than mine? I can’t afford the generous pay-for-play donation some Congress people have received, but I’m a citizen of this country and I expect my voice to count.

I think student Emma Gonzalez said it best in her memorable speech after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida. “We call BS,” Gonzalez chanted, in response to hypocrisy and inaction on gun control in state and federal government.

We call BS. We sure do.

Kathleen Geib

East Aurora

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