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Letter: Adding more guns will lead to more deadly violence

Adding more guns will lead to more deadly violence

According to President Trump and the NRA, the most effective way to prevent future school shootings is to allow teachers and staff to carry concealed weapons in schools. This gives me visions of what might happen if this were allowed when the next incident occurs – and it will occur. Armed civilians, untrained or insufficiently trained, who aren’t sure who is the shooter and likely couldn’t disable or kill that person, would be engaged in another “gunfight in the O.K. Corral.”

Note the differences in the 30-second shootout in Tombstone, Ariz. The five “cowboys” and Marshal Virgil Earp, his policeman brother Morgan and deputized Doc Holliday were all experienced in the use of guns. An estimated 30 shots were fired from a mixture of revolvers, shotguns and rifles (all single action).

Among the “cowboys,” the two McLaury brothers and Billy Clanton were killed, while the others ran from the scene. The Earps and Holliday were injured. Imagine what damage could have been done with AK-47s! (There were plenty of spectators.)

The president’s insistence that the emphasis on gun control should be on restrictions related to mental illness is curious. My guess is that his conceptions on mental illness, despite being a “very stable genius,” would fit comfortably within a single Tweet. The same could be said about his understanding of the Constitution.

I look forward to stormy times ahead. We’ve managed to survive Sen. Joseph McCarthy, Gov. George Wallace, the German American Bund and Father Charles Coughlin, among others. Here’s hoping we survive this threat.

William F. Duggleby


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