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Letter: It’s time to vote out those in the pocket of the NRA

It’s time to vote out those in the pocket of the NRA

After the students in Parkland, Fla., so bravely rejected the politics of the current state of gun ownership in the United States, I thought, surely any reasonable person would be forced to admit how ridiculous things have gotten – the blind love of powerful weapons at the expense of any rational, critical thinking about how to regulate them.

But after hearing what the head of the National Rifle Association, Wayne LaPierre, had to say, it’s clear that the NRA has no wish to even consider a thoughtful assessment of the best way to allow some guns and yet assure the safety of the citizens. The tired, slippery slope argument, “if they take our automatic weapons away, they’ll take all our guns away,” underscores the idiocy of this group.

Their idea of arming teachers or hiring armed guards to protect our schools is a further indication of how they just can’t think beyond their bunker mentality. The so-called safeguards that were in place all failed. States with the most guns have the most gun deaths. It’s a no-brainer! The NRA has pushed its lunatic-fringe interpretation of the Second Amendment way beyond what our Founding Fathers ever intended. I keep wondering how things got so bad.

But most frightening of all is the power of the NRA to buy and sell our political leaders, who seem all too happy to kowtow. I urge anyone with a working brain to finally stand up to these bullies, vote for candidates with integrity who are not for sale to the highest bidder, and end this outrageous slaughter.

Dawn Northwood


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