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Letter: All who reap the benefits of a union should pay dues

All who reap the benefits of a union should pay dues

The Supreme Court this week heard the case of a union’s ability to charge a fee from workers who choose to exercise their First Amendment right to not pay union dues, because they do not agree with some of the union’s views. It is amazing that the one view they don’t object to is the pay raises and other benefits they receive.

All of my working life, I was a dues-paying member. At the same time I was paying dues (federal taxes) to another union (the United States of America) to represent my welfare, I also spent four years of my life in defense of that union, in the U.S. Navy.

I do not agree with all the decisions our government makes, and I wonder what would happen if I refused to pay my federal income tax during my working years (I am now retired.) Would I still get any benefits the government would give to its general population?

Would my refusal become an issue for the Supreme Court, or would I become a guest of the jail system?

Frank S. Parker


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