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Mayor Brown thanks residents, applauds city's response to snowstorm

Mayor Byron W. Brown thanked residents for obeying parking restrictions and staying off roads today. And he applauded the work that city crews did in handling the storm.

"We are open. We are used to these weather events, and we don't let these weather events stop our city... from doing business and from economic development from taking place," he said during a news conference in City Hall.

Brown said there were no reports of power failures in the city. But there were three reports of tree damage overnight due to heavy snow, said Steven J. Stepniak, the city's commissioner of Public Works.

The weather didn't do any favors for potholes throughout the city, Stepniak said.

2 feet of snow in Wyoming, more than 18 inches in southern Erie County

"We had a meeting this morning with some of our pothole folks, and they understand the challenges for them," Stepniak said. "There's going to be some catch-up when this is done."

He said the timing of the snowfall overnight was a factor in keeping disruptions from getting worse. It allowed city crews to pre-treat roads before the snow came down really hard, which was a key component, he said.

"We were able to put material down early, which helps prevent hard pack and allows us to get into the residentials (streets) faster," Stepniak said.

Brown reminded residents to continue following the requirements for alternate side of the street parking to aid with snow removal.

"Right now we are seeing good cooperation with our residents. We want to make sure that residents continue to follow those regulations," he said.


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