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Letter: We’ve made good progress on issues of race in America

We’ve made good progress on issues of race in America

I read with interest Rod Watson’s column in the Feb. 22 edition of The Buffalo News on how he hoped the play, “The Auction Block,” would open the way for interracial dialogue.

What I would say to Watson is that there isn’t a season that goes by that doesn’t produce a movie, book, play or TV program that shows, usually in graphic detail, how badly the black people of this nation have been treated in the past by whites. Does he really think that these portrayals encourage a dialogue? Or do they have the greater effect of inflaming, yet again, people who have been wronged in the past?

As an aside, doesn’t the fact that this nation has twice elected a black man as president indicate that we have moved on from our past? Do the random hateful, despicable acts committed by a few white, or black, people for that matter mean we haven’t changed?

I say to Watson that there has been much interracial dialogue in the recent past and it is ongoing. You see it everywhere in most every community and city.

Here is the point that is missed by the writer and others: Ultimately, when much of the nation has moved on from racial hatred, there will still be those who resist. Those people have to change in their heart, either through a spiritual awakening or some other event in their lives.

I believe that as a nation, in regard to issues of race, we are way beyond where Watson says we are.

David Cavall


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