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Letter: Trump is doing his best to destroy our country

Trump is doing his best to destroy our country

President Trump wants to expand the military investment in armaments and new nuclear weapons. The U.S. has 15 percent more military weapons than China and the rest of the nations have much less. This will be another arms race where military contractors earn millions. More should be done to help injured veterans with health care and job training.

The president wants to build a border wall for security. Will this wall stop the import of drugs through drug tunnels or drone infiltration along our borders? It would make more sense to invest in infrastructure and technology. We need to secure our internet to protect our utility networks and consumers and stop foreign meddling in our elections. Our roads and bridges are crumbling and get a “D” rating from our engineers. Our railroads do not have “stop protection” that is now available. This year many people have died in train accidents.

The infrastructure bill was not brought to the floor by the Republicans in the House of Representatives and will not be voted on unless we spend $25 billion on a border wall that will enclose us like a prison.

Our country, which is dependent on laws for survival, is being dismantled by the Trump administration. The EPA no longer protects the lands and waterways. OSHA’s ability to protect workers is being restricted. The Consumer Protection Agency is being weakened. Banks can offer loans to people who cannot afford them, and during an influenza epidemic, there are more cuts to national health. The DACA children are not considered important.

The national debt grows larger while taxes for the wealthy are lowered. Small businesses are closing and jobs are leaving. But the rich don’t care because they have their tax cuts.

Kathleen Warren


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