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Editorial: It seems to us - Chickens in Williamsville, nosy pictures and Ben Carson's extravagance

Good news, chicken lovers: Williamsville is considering a change in law to allow residents to keep the fowl in their backyards.

The request came from Elizabeth Dagostino, a resident who wants to raise three hens with the help of her two young sons. Amherst already allows the practice, evidently with no serious clucking from neighbors.

Dagostino says the hens are no louder than cats and that she won’t proceed if neighbors object. For those who do, we suggest Sunday brunch omelettes.

Maybe this will put a lid on the number of selfies that show up online: A new study says that those ubiquitous closeups – are you ready for this? – make your nose look big.

Not that we have anything against protuberant proboscises, you understand. Some of these notable noses are truly magnificent, as fans of Tony Bennett surely understand. We’re all for historic honkers.

It’s the selfies. Too, too many. Maybe this report will dampen the enthusiasm for this modern-day vanity. More likely, it will produce a run on selfie sticks. Oh. well.

For a guy who didn’t want to waste government money giving poor people creature comforts, as he made clear while touring facilities for the poor last year, HUD Secretary Ben Carson is not sparing any expense when it comes to his own office digs.

Department of Housing and Urban Development officials spent $31,000 on a new dining room set for Carson’s office in late 2017, although he later tried wriggling out of the deal. The expense coincided with White House plans to cut HUD’s programs for the homeless, elderly and poor, according to the New York Times.

But hey, he needed to spruce up the 1960s-era office suite and furniture Carson can now enjoy fine dining in style while, in the spirit of Marie Antoinette, the poor can go eat cake.

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