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NFL Scouting Combine: QBs Lamar Jackson, Sam Darnold measure up

INDIANAPOLIS – Louisville's Lamar Jackson measured up Thursday during the official weighing and measuring process at the NFL Scouting Combine.

Meanwhile, Southern California QB Sam Darnold's fumbling problems are not a result of unusually small hands.

The weights-and-measuring stage of the Combine began Thursday morning, adding another series of factors for NFL teams to analyze – or over-analyze, depending on one's perspective.

Jackson is a polarizing figure in the draft due to concerns by some scouts over his accuracy. The former Heisman Trophy winner measured 6-foot-2 and 1/4 inches and 216 pounds. That's not classic size but it's not short. Jackson's hands measured an acceptable 9.5 inches.

Darnold, plagued by fumbles the past two years, measured 9 3/8 inches. Hands more than 9.5 are considered large. Hands less than 9 1/4 or less are on the smaller side.

The hand sizes of the top QBs in the draft:

Josh Allen 10 1/2

Josh Rosen 9 7/8

Lamar Jackson 9 1/2

Sam Darnold 9 3/8

Baker Mayfield 9 1/4. (However, Mayfield's hands were measured at 9 1/2 at the Senior Bowl.)

QBs have been known to try to get a bigger hand measurement through massage therapy before the testing.

The heights and weights of the top QBs:

Allen 6-4 7/8, 237

Rosen 6/4, 226

Darnold 6/3, 220

Jackson 6-2 1/4, 216

Mayfield 6-0 5/8, 216

Two of the NFL's famous short quarterbacks, New Orleans' Drew Brees and Seattle's Russell Wilson, both have unusually large hands, at 10 1/4 inches. Hall-of-Famer Brett Favre has huge hands at 10 3/8 inches. Former NFL QB Michael Vick, who struggled with accuracy in his career, has 8 1/2-inch hands. Dallas' Tony Romo has small hands but that didn't stop him from having a superb career.

How important are the measurements?

"I'm a believer of hand size, I think that's important," said Browns General Manager John Dorsey. "I think when you're in Cleveland, Ohio, when you play in November and December, you have elements. You have winter. You have certain conditions that your hands have to be bigger. I think the hand sizes that were read off today, I think all of them are acceptable."

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