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My View: A dog for me became my husband’s new best friend

By Wendy Schreiner

“I’m going to let you get a dog,” he said. “WHAT?” I replied. Was I hearing him (my husband) correctly? I didn’t believe it. I had come home in a very foul mood after taking a civil service exam knowing that I probably didn’t score as well as I had wanted to on the test. Yes, I stayed out too late the night before. I was a couple of counties away at a Scotty McCreery concert having too much fun. Needless to say, I got in way too late and didn’t sleep well after being revved up from the show. It wasn’t my fault that the concert fell on the night before the exam was scheduled, but if it meant getting a dog out of it so be it.

The next day I flipped through The Buffalo News in a mad rush to get to the pet section. There they were staring up at me – adorable little Shih Tzus. I dialed the telephone number listed in the ad and off on a road trip we went. I wasn’t going to let my husband change his mind. Far too long I heard, “No dogs,” as we have tenants and we don’t allow the tenants to have pets. We left Warsaw and headed to an address in Hamburg.

Excitedly we rang the doorbell of the address. Before long adorable puppies greeted us. Right away we saw our soon to be new four-legged furry black and white daughter, Daisy Mae. When my husband held her for the first time, I saw a twinkle in his eye. He tells a different story saying how happy I looking holding Daisy Mae or “Flora” as the family who had her and her brothers and sisters up for sale called her. You see, my husband never had a dog in his lifetime. He was getting Daisy Mae to cheer me up. Little did he know at the time that Daisy Mae would become his best friend.

She taught him all about puppy love. They would go on long walks together, take even longer naps together with Daisy Mae finding comfort lying right on her daddy’s chest. Daisy Mae would also give her daddy millions of kisses nightly. That was five years ago. Hmm! And she was supposed to be “my dog!” How was I going to fix that? Well, I would have to get myself a dog and get Daisy Mae a friend.

Wendy Schreiner.

So, along came Paisley Rae, another black and white Shih Tzu to join our family. That was when Daisy Mae was about one and a half years old. At first, I wasn’t sure how the queen of the house (Daisy Mae) was going to get along with the intruder (Paisley Rae). It took some time, but now they are the best of friends. Actually, Paisley Rae thinks the world of her big sister, Daisy Mae. And once again my husband has learned about puppy love and has another “daddy’s little girl” by his side.

I'm not sure Paisley Rae is mommy’s puppy either. My husband says it is because he did most of the work. Meaning he took them for long walks in the early mornings. I will admit I was lazy and didn’t wish to freeze in Western New York’s winters, especially at odd hours of the night during those puppy training months – “bonding” or no bonding.

Well, they say three strikes and you’re out. When we want the real circus to begin, we will look into adding Maisey Kae into the mix. You see, she hasn’t even been born yet. We just have the name picked out. After all, I don’t believe there’s such a thing as too much “puppy love” – is there?

Wendy Schreiner of Warsaw keeps getting dogs that love her husband.

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