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Letter: Politicians who bow to NRA are not serving our interests

Politicians who bow to NRA are not serving our interests

Here we go again. Seventeen teenagers and adults dead. More injured. Killed by an assault rifle carried by a 19-year-old who purchased the gun a year ago. With few exceptions, Congress has been silent regarding this terror. The NRA did what it always does by suggesting that the killer/terrorist was more than likely a nut and the real way to prevent such bloodshed is to arm teachers and other school personnel. Really?

Why is there so little discussion about such terror and no action by Congress? Consider: John McCain has received over $7 million from the NRA, $6 million has been given to North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr and Marco Rubio was gifted with $3 million. These are only three elected officials who have drunk the NRA Kool-Aid. Have they been bought? Of course – by money and/or the threat by the NRA to a heavily financed primary challenger.

OK, so you know all this; nothing new here. What then can be done? Let’s start at home. For those of you who are concerned that your children or grandchildren could be shot while in school, I urge you to do everything you can to ensure the defeat of Chris Collins and Tom Reed in the coming elections. Neither of them is serving you well when they bow to the interests of the NRA and the gun manufacturers. The best way to compete with the NRA is to defeat two of their darlings – and it can be done. All it will take is action by you who are both frightened by the way the gun lobby has affected our democracy and by the possibility that your kids could be shot in school. Get involved. Unless you do, we will continue to mourn dead children.

David E. Day


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