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Letter: Gun clips are the reason for recent mass shootings

Gun clips are the reason for recent mass shootings

Clip is another word for a gun magazine. It is the major reason for mass shootings in this country. A clip or magazine allows a shooter to do two things: Shoot multiple rounds and reload with another clip quickly. If we want to make a meaningful change to gun safety we have to eliminate the sale of any long gun that takes a clip. In doing so, a shooter would have to reload a maximum capacity of five rounds by putting them in the gun one by one. It does two things, it eliminates shooting multiple rounds and it eliminates a quick reload.

Accomplishing the above will be extremely difficult. The NRA gives a lot of campaign funding to candidates. They simply will not buck the NRA because of one thing: They want to get re-elected. It simply comes down to that.

In closing, I am a hunter and own several long guns and pistols. I do not need an AR-15 assault rifle to go deer hunting! So remember if you are going to rally against gun violence, eliminate the clip. Mental health and other controls will help, but the issue is the clip!

Paul Verciglio

Grand Island

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