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Letter: Nation that ignores kids’ safety cannot be considered ‘great’

Nation that ignores kids’ safety cannot be considered ‘great’

During the 2016 election we were told repeatedly by Donald Trump that he was going to make America great again. The implication of course was that somewhere we had lost our way and only he could bring us back. The question is, what exactly makes a country “great?”

Is a country “great” that places ownership of assault-type weapons above the lives of its citizens? Next month will mark nineteen years since the massacre at Columbine. The only thing that has changed since then is more massacres.

The politicians express their sympathy to the grieving families and nothing is ever done to prevent a further tragedy. On Valentine’s Day another maniac with a assault-type weapon struck again in a Florida school. Democrats said it was time for a serious discussion about gun control. Republicans said it was too early for such a discussion out of respect for the families and accused Democrats of politicizing the issue.

Since Columbine, people have been gunned down in schools, movie theaters, outdoor concerts, and a Congressional baseball practice.

How can a civilized society allow this to continue and just sit back and do nothing? How many bodies have to pile up before its finally time to take action?

A nation that cannot, or will not, protect its children will never be considered “great” no matter how many tweets to the contrary.

Paul Bojanowski


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