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Letter: Decisions of the past 20 years put us in state of permanent war

Decisions of the past 20 years put us in state of permanent war

So, the news breaks. Someone’s sons, someone’s daughters were at school today, trying to learn and focusing on their future. The dream of tomorrow is over for 17 of those kids. Why? Because our government is corrupt, money makes our laws, and our country has a sick obsession with guns and war.

The ’70s brought on the idea of peace and no war. Because of horrific political decisions of the past 20 years, we are now at state of permanent war. I cannot watch TV cannot go to a sporting event without having to acknowledge a soldier who fought in the name of the U.S.A., to honor this war culture. It has been happening for so long, there is no longer any generation who does not know a relative or neighbor who is off to fight in some foreign war. None of which have anything to do with our freedom.

So, back here in the good old U.S.A., our mentally disturbed citizens have a full right to purchase military-grade weapons. How does it end? Prayers are not an answer. Voting in November might give us a fighting chance to put empathetic, logical people in charge, and gain control of our government again.

The corruption is spiraling out of control and those of us who choose to believe our country was on the right track before the last election, may be able to gain some sense of safety, unity and compassion for all of our citizens.

Victoria Zeis


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