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Letter: We need real solutions, not a stockpile of guns

We need real solutions, not a stockpile of guns

Every day in America, parents wake their children, hand them their backpacks and lunch money and send them off to school. In the past, the worst news a parent could get was a call from the principal or a note sent home with their student. Now a call or a text that an active shooter is on campus sends out the possibility that their lives can in a heartbeat be destroyed forever.

Once again, after another school shooting, I find myself angry, frustrated and sick to my stomach that as a nation we are so beholden to the gun lobby that even sensible, proactive solutions are quickly replaced with calls for more guns; this time with a movement to arm teachers, staff and administrators. Soon every aspect of our lives will be a mini-combat zone with armed citizens assuming the role of judge, jury and executioner.

While protecting society is never a bad idea, we need more substantial actions that will, at minimum, create reasonable barriers so that those deemed mentally unfit do not have access to weapons that were intended to provide the military with the ability to kill the most enemies in the shortest period of time.

It is the duty of all citizens to demand that enough is enough; we want real, substantial solutions not more guns.

Richard Piechowicz


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