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Letter: Russian interference could destroy America

Russian interference could destroy America

Dark forces have methodically chipped away at the very foundation of our country. We see daily attempts to corrupt our faith in essential elements of our government and society in general.

We’ve experienced a concerted effort to sow political discord by manipulating social media, such as Facebook and Instagram. Hacked emails are used as political weapons. Fake media have utilized bots and purchased advertising that uses racially charged code words. Multiple tactics are used to mobilize people to attend rallies and marches to incite the loyal “true believers.”

Information warfare, with its inflammatory rhetoric, employs Twitter to disseminate sometimes simple, other times, elaborate conspiracy plots. Fabricated news is masked as facts, while reliable, sourced news is called fake. These factions sometimes unwittingly partake in questionable and anti-democratic actions. Lying, distracting and misleading are the norm.

And recently we’ve discovered that not only are the Trump troops doing the above, but also the Russians. Be vigilant and vocal to swing the pendulum back to sanity.

Gary M. Schulenberg


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