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Letter: Trump presidency looks a lot like a dictatorship

Trump presidency looks a lot like a dictatorship

It would seem that doubt is the key to success. We are forced to “wade through the swamp,” realizing how President Trump has created so much doubt on so many issues and people – the Justice Department, climate change, nuclear war, voting irregularities, impassioned immigration regulations (DACA), media reporting and so much more.

Because Democrats didn’t clap as he gave his State of the Union speech, Trump called them un-American and treasonous. Is there anything he wouldn’t do to bolster his image and bully everyone and everything to get his way? Dictatorship seems an apt description of this presidency, doesn’t it?

One could observe that if you have nothing to hide, you hide nothing (unless you are the president.) So wake up and become an advocate for truth and unity. We need it now more than ever. We the people don’t need any more doubts, but we do deserve the truth.

Emily D. Newell


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