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Letter: Temporary tax cuts create serious long-term problems

Temporary tax cuts create serious long-term problems

I recently read in Everybody’s Column how President Trump kept his promises and gave Americans a tax cut. The person was excited about an extra $40 in her pension notice. However, what was the cost? First off, the bump up is temporary for millions of Americans like her. It’s just long enough for you to go vote “Republican” again. Then that tax cut goes away. If you’re worth millions or a corporation, it’s a permanent break.

It is estimated the Trump family alone will make an extra $11 million, but we really don’t know because he lied and still refuses to release his taxes. This is another wealthy family that already has plenty.

Secondly, if you’re happy over raising the debt limit another trillion and passing it on to your great-grandchildren, then I am happy you’re overjoyed. I guess you think borrowing more money from China will help us as a nation. Are you thrilled about all of the social programs cut or about to be cut to “fix” it? Rep. Paul Ryan speaks of entitlements and has dreamed for years of going after Social Security and the trillions in the fund as well as Medicare. Do you really think we should take money from programs that help the poor?

Why is it deficits don’t matter when Republicans control all branches, but prior they were screaming about the debt? Is this what millennials mean when they talk about selfish baby boomers? Enjoy your $40 bonus while it lasts.

Diana Butsch

West Falls

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