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Letter: President ought to use his own money for parade

President ought to use his own money for parade

Many letters have been written to The News criticizing President Trump. He now wants to spend somewhere around $30 million for a military parade because he was impressed by a parade he saw in France. We have homeless veterans, people who can’t afford decent food for their children, people who don’t have money to heat their homes during this extreme cold winter, etc.

Yet this spoiled brat of a man wants a parade to entertain himself. He should pay for it out of his own billionaire pocket. I think it is time for someone to tell this unstable man “no” to his waste of our taxpayer dollars. The same goes for the Mexican wall. Those $23 billion would go a long way to provide necessary programs to help us, the American people. Tell him “no” and show him the door. If he really cared about this great country, he would resign. He really needs to be stopped before we go bankrupt. He can spend his money any way he pleases, but there must be more strict control over his frivolous use of “our” money.

William J. Belz Jr.


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