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Letter: Let WNY voters decide who will oppose Collins

Let WNY voters decide who will oppose Collins

So, Democratic leaders from the eight counties of the 27th Congressional District have usurped the very democratic process that the party represents. Unbelievable! And their choice as a candidate isn’t even a current resident of the district? Are these folks so disconnected from the challenges to our system and the contemporary feelings of the electorate that they actually have the gall to carry out such an action?

As an active voter and Democrat, I am appalled, upset and totally disillusioned by this endeavor. A recent news release indicated that this deed was based upon who the “leaders” thought would have the best chance to defeat Rep. Chris Collins. Isn’t that decision supposed to be the role of a truly open primary without undue influence?

I am personally opposed to almost everything Collins stands for. However, the actions of endorsement and support of an individual prior to the primary has diluted my vote and the vote of everyone else wishing to participate in the primary process. Via personal desire to not have my vote unduly diminished, I congratulate these Democratic leaders in their success at moving this voter to cast his ballot for Collins in the coming midterm general election.

Absent of a public retraction of the pre-emptive endorsement and support at hand, my vote for Collins will be the result of personal dismay and a desire to have my voice heard and my vote count in the election, and in response to the unwarranted Democratic leadership’s actions.

Clark W. Greene


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