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Letter: It’s precisely the time to discuss gun control

It’s precisely the time to discuss gun control

Seventeen more high schoolers killed. More broken hearts and a broken community. President Trump, after 18 hours, finally gave an empty and irrelevant (according to one Parkland person) speech to recognize the tragedy. But he and Sen. Marco Rubio do not want us to jump to conclusions. There will be plenty of time for debate later! No, the time is now!

Since Trump has become president he has: blocked a rule that would make it harder for the mentally ill to obtain guns; made it easier for fugitives to buy guns; and moved to loosen gun restrictions on federal lands.

Congress discussed banning bump stocks but has yet to pass anything. Republicans advanced a bill to make it easier to buy gun silencers.

House Speaker Paul Ryan ignored calls to form a select committee on gun violence.

Two days before the Florida shootings, Trump proposed cutting millions of dollars from the background checks in his new budget proposal.

In 2016 the NRA contributed 98 percent of its budget to Republicans. The biggest contributions went to Sen. Ted Cruz, $360,727; Rubio, $176,030; and Ryan, $171,977. Is it possible that the NRA is controlling our country through our Republican Congress?

Would any of the Republican Congress members give the life of one of their children to keep their right to own a AR-15?

In my opinion, our president and legislators who refuse to enact sensible gun laws are selling their souls to the NRA gun lobby!

Grace Markello


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