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Letter: Condolences, candles won’t stop shootings

Condolences, candles won’t stop shootings

Mass shooting again, AR-15 used! Enough with the condolences, flowers, candles, praying and excuses. Nothing is going to change while this administration is in power. President Trump is a pathetic liar, a draft-dodger and a spineless, puppet for the Republican-controlled Congress.

We have to bring back decency to the White House. Joe Biden, are you listening?

Women, please run for office. You know how to care for our children and grandchildren. Do not let millionaires and billionaires on the golf course look for excuses about the safety of the children. As a veteran myself, I’d like to see more veterans, not draft-dodgers, in Washington to decide when and why we are going to war!

Tivadar Semesnyei

West Seneca

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