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Letter: Passionate fans don’t want to see NFL players get hurt

Passionate fans don’t want to see NFL players get hurt

A recent letter suggested that those who love to watch football and attend football games have some kind of inner bloodthirsty need for violence, and that watching football caters to this ill-advised passion. Well, as a lifelong devoted football fan, I must object to this characterization. And while I also enjoy watching other sports, there is a special magic for me and millions of others in the weekly gridiron action that excites and fascinates us to a level that no other team sport can match.

I hate the injuries in this and any sport. Unfortunately, football does have more than its share of serious injuries due to its very physical nature, and some of this is unavoidable with the size, strength and speed of the players. Any spectator who actually gets off on the violence that is a byproduct of this and other sports is not, in my judgment, a true sports fan.

Going forward, the powers that be in all levels of football need to address problems like unnecessary hits to the head and other unacceptable actions by players that result in excessive injuries and devastating, long-term life consequences. Game officials need to be more willing to eject a player from the game for what is deemed to be a deliberate attempt to injure the opponent.

So yes, I love football dearly and I’m not inclined to apologize or feel guilty about it. Let’s focus on improving the safety of the players and cracking down on dirty play. But nothing can compare to those glorious three hours on a crisp autumn afternoon that so entertain and delight us football fans!

Michael Scully


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