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Letter: Many shoppers will miss mall if Eastern Hills is demolished

Many shoppers will miss mall if Eastern Hills is demolished

I am a senior citizen and have lived long enough to remember the days when one had to drive or take a bus downtown to do any real shopping on a long, cold and windy Main Street. And then came University Plaza – a string of stores bound together, cutting the length of those freezing walks. We all reveled in the glory of that until the next innovation: the mall! Could anything be better? Now we could shop in various stores in a climate-controlled building. No more braving the elements except to get from your car into the building.

And now I read that Eastern Hills, a beautiful and convenient mall, could be razed and replaced with a small town within a town. There will be lovely little shops (read expensive) where one can stroll down tree-lined lanes. Lovely if this were San Diego. But it’s not. This is Buffalo, folks. Been there, done that – and didn’t like it!

And don’t tell me to shop online. I don’t like paying to return something that doesn’t fit. I want to try it on before buying it. I feel like I just read of the impending death of a good friend, and I’m heartbroken.

Marge McMillen

East Amherst

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