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Letter: Majority of Americans favor some gun control

Majority of Americans favor some gun control

If senators are against federal gun controls because they are “representing their constituents,” as Jerry Zremski stated in his article, they may be absurdly unaware of the actual feelings of their constituents. The 2015 study Zremski alludes to shows that only six states have gun ownership levels of over 50 percent.

Even if gun ownership is relatively high in other states, we are still talking about less than 40 percent of the population. Since when is catering to under 40 percent of the population considered representing your constituents? You are perhaps representing a very vocal minority, at best.

Zremski states that gun control proponents have to “change the hearts and minds of people in states where gun ownership is part of the culture.” But there is no evidence in the numbers he references to show me that the majority of those people want assault weapons in the hands of the people.

I will be placing a baby blue candle in my front window to show my support for a ban on automatic weapons, bump stocks and any other technology designed to make guns instruments of mass murder.

Terry Lynch

Orchard Park

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