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Wreckmaster plans for training facility aired at Lancaster hearing

Wreckmaster, the Canadian-based training center for tow-truck drivers, is one step closer to opening a Lancaster location a public hearing Tuesday before the Lancaster Town Board.

Wreckmaster --  founded by Justin Cruse in 1991 in Beamsville, Ont. -- is seeking a special use permit to operate an outdoor vehicle training facility and storage yard at 5500 Genesee St., said Jeffery D. Palumbo, attorney for Wreckmaster. The company expects to spend $1.5 in the project.

Supervisor Johanna Coleman asked Palumbo about the training involved in towing a tractor-trailor.

"We'll see some trailers tipped over because that is what they do," said Palumbo. "No fluids will be in the truck, and the tipping will be done on grass."

"Will they be tipping on Sundays?" asked Coleman. "There is a church in the neighborhood."

Palumbo assured Coleman that the company addressed the concerns of Buffalo Suburban Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

"There will be no tipping on Sundays," Palumbo said.

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