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Letter: Having buffoon in power bodes badly for country

Having buffoon in power bodes badly for country

Here’s a man who for various reasons – none of them good – becomes president of his country. He has no qualifications for the job, but with mugging, antics and name-calling, he energizes his supporters, who appear to believe all of his improbable promises and lies.

He has no fixed ideology or plans for governance aside from self-aggrandizement, and shamelessly promotes his own family, yet he holds his base by convincing supporters that he sincerely hates the people they have been taught to hate. He holds his party and their billionaire backers with “free stuff” on a mind-boggling scale.

He quickly tanks the international prestige of his country and exposes his own party – once highly thought of – as interested only in hanging onto power at any moral cost. He has no discernible moral code, and has been a sexual predator and abuser of women all his adult life. After ignoring countless scandals, his party eventually decides he must go. He resigns under duress.

I am talking about Jacob Zuma of South Africa, but aside from the resigning part, all of the above is also true of Trump. Having been constantly surrounded by toadies, Zuma seems confused by events. If his party thought he was a terrible man and a terrible president, why didn’t it say something? (His party may have some difficulty explaining why it didn’t.)

I have a large family in South Africa and recently returned from that beautiful “....hole” country, as Trump would call it. People hope things will improve with Zuma gone, but the same party is still in power, so it is guarded optimism. Nobody can believe what has happened to the United States, but they may have survived having a buffoon and disgrace in power. They hope we can, too.

Jonathan Thornton


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