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Letter: Ask Americans if they want their gun rights restricted

Ask Americans if they want their gun rights restricted

In the wake of both the Florida school shooting and previous incidents, the usual suspects in Congress put out statements and went before the microphones to spout their usual pet lines for more gun control. Its galling for these representatives to call for someone to do something, while ignoring the fact that they are the someone.

Every one of them has the ability to go back to his office, write a piece of gun control legislation and present it for congressional process and maybe eventual vote. They refuse to do it, though, content to spout off and slink away without any real action, decisions or consequences.

Some of these congressional grandstanders actually did it on the floor of their chambers. Imagine the absurdity of a member of Congress, standing in Congress, stating that Congress must do something, and then walking away from the microphone and doing nothing. Memo to these geniuses: you are Congress. When demanding that it do something, go to a mirror and say it again.

To those liberals and Democratic politicians demanding action, I say act. Present your ideas in written legislative form for the country to see and judge. See if the country agrees with your idea to impose more restrictions on Second Amendment rights. Write a bill that tests your theory that in the face of more armed onslaughts from those bent on killing us, the public wants you to further disarm the law-abiding people. In political circles, writing legislation is apparently called bravery. Start being brave.

Gary Brignone


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