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MAAC tiebreakers that affect Canisius and Niagara men's basketball

Thanks to its win over Niagara Wednesday night, Canisius is still alive for first place in the MAAC heading into the final weekend of conference play.

Niagara can still finish third, but both teams need help to get there.

Here is a look at the conference standings, along with the tiebreakers.

Teams play 18 conference games. Canisius and Niagara have one game left while Rider and Iona have two.

The first tiebreaker is head-to-head. Second is your winning percentage against the top-seeded team, going down the list as far as necessary. Teams with the same record are treated as a group.

Here's how the top four teams have done against each other:

Both pairs of teams that could end up tied (Canisius and Rider, Niagara and Iona) split the season series, so finishing with the same record would come down to results against top teams. Here's how that breaks down:

Given those results, here's what each team needs to lock up its highest seed possible:

Rider clinches first with:

1. Two wins, OR
2. One win + Canisius loss, OR
3. One win + Niagara finishes alone in third.

Canisius clinches first with:

1. Win + two Rider losses, OR
2. Win + Rider loss + Iona finishes alone in third, OR
3. Win + Rider loss + Niagara and Iona tie in third, OR
4. Loss + two Rider losses + ending from scenario 2 or 3.

Niagara clinches third with:

1. Win + Canisius finishes alone in first, OR
2. Win + Iona loss, OR
3. Loss + Iona loss + tiebreaker on Iona vs. eventual top seed, OR
4. Loss + two Iona losses.

Iona clinches third with:

1. Two wins + tiebreaker on Niagara vs. eventual top seed, OR
2. Two wins + Niagara loss, OR
3. One win + Niagara loss + tiebreaker on Niagara vs. eventual top seed.

The scenario with Niagara and Iona both finishing 11-7 is harder to call given how the Rider-Iona game could impact the top seed. That scenario should look a little clearer after Friday's games.

Canisius beats Niagara to reach 20 wins, stay alive for MAAC's top seed

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