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Letter: Elmwood project proves Green Code is a hoax

Elmwood project proves Green Code is a hoax

The Green Code may be the best hoax that the City of Buffalo has pulled on its residents. The city claimed that the old zoning code was outdated and antiquated. We need a new fresh code for the 21st century, they said.

When we asked how the Green Code would be better than the old code, we were told that the new code would help protect our neighborhood because it had codes that had to be followed. Two of those codes or rules pertain to the width and height a new building can be. It can be no wider than 2½ lots wide, and three stories high. The Green Code was passed into law in March 2017.

The new Green Code was put to the test almost immediately with the Chason Affinity-proposed project on the corner of Forest and Elmwood avenues in July 2017.

The project violates at least eight aspects of the new Green Code. Two of the aspects violated are the width and the height of the new building. The project also involved demolishing eleven historic homes.

Our Planning and Zoning boards did a fantastic job of ignoring the new “code of law” by passing eight variances for the project, thus exposing the Green Code as a hoax. What happened to the codes that would have to be followed? Everything is the same in the new modern law as the old antiquated law. Therefore, it is business as usual in the City of Buffalo.

The camaraderie of the mayor, developers, Planning Board and Zoning Board is alive and well, excluding the residents.

The residents of the city attended numerous meetings and put in many hours with city officials to put together the new codes for the Green Code, only to see it ignored by the Planning and Zoning boards.

So, whether it’s the antiquated code or the new Green Code, the results are the same.

James Runfola


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