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Letter: Schools need to tighten their security protcols

Schools need to tighten their security protcols

When we pick up our granddaughter from Maplemere Elementary, we thankfully have to deal with outstanding security. First, we have to press a buzzer, identify ourselves through a speaker and give the reason for coming to the school. In addition, I believe there is a video recording of everyone entering the school. After we are in the secured hallway, we have to sign in on a line with her name on it. Then, a school official calls the child and releases her to our care. All the time that this is going on, there are at least four school officials handling the release of these children.

How did Nikolas Cruz get into the Parkland school? He was well-known by the staff and would never have gained admittance to the school if it was protected by the same security as we have mentioned above.

Natalie and Mort Abramson


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