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Letter: Sanders is very good at lying to Americans

Sanders is very good at lying to Americans

I wonder what it’s like to earn a living as a professional liar? I guess I should ask White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. No one does it better than Sanders and she does it nearly every single day. The most recent occasion to demonstrate her forked-tongue acumen relates to accused wife beater Rob Porter. Who knew? When did they know? And how many bureaucrats will she throw under the bus to protect her boss? First it was the preferred punching bag, the FBI. Then it was the obscure, but now we need you as a scapegoat, White House Security Office.

Many of us have been in this boat during our careers. Loyalty to the boss? Or loyalty to the employer? In this case, we’re dealing with one very demanding, narcissistic and thin-skinned boss, President Trump. The employer is merely the meek and humble we, as in “We the People.” In Huckabee’s case, she must regularly lie to her employer to please her boss and retain her job.

We can certainly empathize with that. It must be excruciating to have to stand at the podium each day, look us right in the eye, then fabricate, equivocate and lie. But she is so good at it. Does she really have to be so good at it? Maybe she is one of those fortunate few who really love their job.

Joe Sullivan


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