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Letter: Country isn’t becoming greater; it’s in moral, financial decline

Country isn’t becoming greater; it’s in moral, financial decline

Make America great again? I don’t think so. Look around. Anyone who thinks America is on the path to greatness is delusional. Routine mass murder in our streets and schools. In our schools. Domestic killings that have become so acceptable that we can’t muster outrage any longer. Leaders who are unwilling to work together to formulate common-sense measures to control our bloody chaos.

Deficit spending run amok that will bankrupt our country, make us unable to compete in the world economy and saddle our fearful children and grandchildren with debt for decades.

A fake president who fosters hate, fear, greed and cynicism. A lewd, immoral abomination of an administration supported by pseudo-religious, family values proponents. How hypocritical.

Face the facts: America is in moral and financial decline, leadership is MIA and we ordinary citizens are the only ones who can put leaders in place who will correct the course.

Carl Eddy


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