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[BN] Blitz newsletter: Should the Bills pay Kirk Cousins a 'head-turning' amount of money?

In a piece Tuesday that looked at the unusually strong free-agent market for quarterbacks, Jay Skurski mentioned the following: "The size of (Kirk) Cousins’ deal will surely turn heads, but is a reflection of the market for quarterbacks."

And he's right. Kirk Cousins, in all likelihood, is going to get paid. Quarterback is the most important position in sports, and Cousins provides above-replacement-level production.

But that doesn't mean the Bills should be the ones to pay him head-turning money. The Jets could be considering something like that, with the New York Post citing a source who speculated the Jets could give Cousins $60 million in his first year, just because they have the salary-cap space to do so, and then lower his number in subsequent years.

To a team like the Bills, though, opening the vault for someone like Cousins doesn't seem like a prudent decision. The best value players are the ones on their rookie contracts. Cousins may outperform a rookie quarterback in the immediate future, but probably not by such a significant margin to be worth (potentially) $30 million a year when you could have several years of a rookie for that price.

If the Bills had an aging group of core players that was going to take one last run at a Super Bowl, this would be a different discussion. But for a team that is firmly not in win-now mode, going with the value of a rookie – one you hope ends up being better than Cousins anyway – seems like the good play.

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