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Letter: U.S. must step up efforts to stop Russian hackers

U.S. must step up efforts to stop Russian hackers

The News’ Feb. 16 editorial, “A threat to democracy,” made the important point that “Washington is doing almost nothing to counter an assault that threatens to shake Americans’ confidence in their elections.” The threat is actually much larger. A great deal of our banking and commercial, scientific, technical, governmental and other infrastructure is inadequately protected against electronic assault.

As a synagogue’s webmaster, I was startled recently to find that my editing site, at which I should have the only authorized login, in fact had about 2,200 logins authorized in Russian language text. After I deleted the hackers’ logins, changed my password and installed a security package, I thought that if Russian hackers are giving this much attention to a synagogue website with no scientific, governmental, or commercial significance, imagine the efforts they must be applying to our military, utilities, credit card databases, industrial research and control, and other internet sites offering greater potential for the creation of havoc.

Instead of squabbling over whether President Barack Obama or President Trump deserve more blame for the insecurity of the internet, let’s urge our people in Washington to take seriously this threat to national security and beef up internet safety.

Laurence Boxer

Niagara Falls

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