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Letter: Nation’s infrastructure certainly needs repairs

Nation’s infrastructure certainly needs repairs

Michael Sargent’s Feb. 11 Viewpoints commentary concerning the federal government standing in the way of rebuilding our infrastructure needs to be carefully reviewed. Quote: “Many have invoked the myth that our infrastructure is ‘crumbling’ and is in unprecedented disrepair. This is, quite simply, a mischaracterization.”

Sargent needs to visit Western New York and talk to reporters who have done numerous stories about crumbling bridges and county roads that must be overhauled. Everyone who drives has a story and a location that is in desperate need. And I am quite sure that Western New York is one of thousands of regions in the same dire straits.

What is really needed is the federal government to incorporate technology (and money) from our space program to improve road surface material and manpower (and money) from our military expenditures to organize and prioritize a national commitment that will create a long-lasting and safe thoroughfare! A project of this nature would not only create jobs for the people who need them the most. It could also bring all segments of our great nation together with a common goal!

Joseph Allen


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