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[BN] Blitz newsletter: Who is the best Bills quarterback since Kelly?

The Bills' best quarterback since Jim Kelly? That's an easy one.

It's .... um ... well ... pass?

Ah, yes – pass. The word that has given the Bills so much trouble since Kelly, the Hall-of-Fame quarterback, retired more than 20 years ago. The list of the Bills' best quarterbacks since then is a short one, but Tyrod Taylor, believe it or not, is near the top.

The answer to this question appears to be a two-way race between Taylor and Doug Flutie, though Drew Bledsoe, Ryan Fitzpatrick and even Kyle Orton are in consideration. Taylor's three seasons in Buffalo have been more statistically productive than Flutie's three years, but Flutie won a higher percentage of games. What do you think? You can cast your vote here.

Bills did not use much no-huddle in 2017 — for good reason: Mark Gaughan looked at the Bills' use of the no-huddle offense in 2017 and found they ran the eighth-fewest no-huddle plays last season. But in a sad way, that makes sense: with their offense being as bad as it was, "a hurry-up offense is a good way to hurry up onto the sideline," he wrote.

Bills aren't expected to use franchise tag: The period in which teams can put the franchise tag on their free agents begins Tuesday, but the Bills don't appear to have players worth tagging this offseason.

Peter King projects Bills getting Josh Rosen, Tyrod Taylor going to Dolphins: The venerable Peter King of Sports Illustrated wrote that he thinks the Bills could trade with the Broncos for the No. 5 overall pick and select Wyoming quarterback Josh Rosen. The trade is made possible, in this scenario, by the Broncos signing free agent Kirk Cousins.

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